In 2017, the sampling inspection of sterilized tableware will be carried out, and the "1122" mode will be launched for sterilized tableware.

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A set of disinfection tableware cleaning needs to go through more than 20 processes, including pouring, sorting, slag removal, 5 times of soaking, 5 times of spraying, 3 times of quality inspection, drying, packaging, coding and boxing, which lasted more than 20 minutes. , Soaking and spraying use pure water treated by purification equipment, taking physical disinfection as the main method and chemical disinfection as the auxiliary method, so that the qualified rate of the product reaches 99.9%.

Disinfecting tableware is not the "closed cleaning, high-temperature drying, infrared sterilization, and professional food film packaging as claimed." According to media reports, the public tableware provided by some dishwashing companies was not disinfected. After wiping the tableware with a rag It is directly packaged into sterilized tableware; some employees pack and repack tableware with bare hands, and when they encounter unwashed stains, they directly pick it up with their hands.

Law enforcement departments must strictly investigate the illegal activities of production, operation or purchasing, and the use of substandard meals and drinking utensils. Relevant regulations impose severe penalties, so that violations of laws and regulations are invisible, and the hygiene of tableware is guaranteed from the source.

At present, some large-scale enterprises in the national disinfection tableware industry have jointly launched the "1122" model. "1122" is a nationwide brand alliance of regular disinfection tableware enterprises, which belongs to the industry's self-discipline behavior. It is a legal enterprise with complete documents; secondly, it has complete and standardized production lines and workshops; thirdly, it has a complete product quality service system. 1122 will become an important identification mark for consumers to use sterilized tableware with confidence, and it will be gradually promoted nationwide.

The food supervision department should strengthen the publicity, guidance and supervision of the procurement and use of centrally sterilized tableware and drinking utensils by catering units, purchase and use centrally sterilized tableware to qualified centralized sterilization institutions, and strictly follow the requirements of laws and regulations. Whether the relevant information such as name, address, contact information, date of disinfection, and expiration date is complete, establish a ledger, and truthfully record the name, specification, quantity, production date or production batch number, shelf life, purchase of each batch of sterilized tableware purchased. date and other relevant information.

In 2017, random inspections of sterilized tableware will be carried out across the country to crack down on production units that violate regulations; a census will also be conducted on the current situation of the sterilized tableware industry, and the number of units, the number of employees in the enterprise, the degree of professionalization, production processes, and disinfection methods will be standardized, and the sterilized tableware will be standardized as soon as possible. industry.