Shenzhen Health Supervision Bureau: 100% pass rate for sampling inspection of sterilized tableware

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The Shenzhen Municipal Health Supervision and Administration Bureau announced the results of the sampling inspection of centrally sterilized tableware in Shenzhen this year. This time, a total of 150 tableware (drinking) utensils were sampled, and 150 of them passed the test results, and the product qualification rate was 100%. Sampling inspection is carried out according to the national standard GB14934-1994 for disinfection and sanitation of food (drinking) utensils. The inspection items are sensory, residual chlorine, coliform, pathogenic bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, Shigella) and alkyl (Benzene) Sodium Sulfonate. According to the Municipal Health Supervision and Administration Bureau, the previously unqualified tableware and tableware were centralized disinfection units. The supervisors of the Sanitation Supervision and Administration Bureau went to the factory many times to guide the rectification process and hardware, and the re-inspection was qualified.