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    • Commodity name: 3025
    • Commodity ID: 3025
    Product Name Article number unit Packing specification Outer box size (cm) Outer box volume (cubic meter) Product size (cm)
    Combined insulation pad (four in one) 3025 individual 48 47.5*22.5*14.5 0.02 Mini size: 9.3cm Small size: 14.5cm Medium size: 19.5cm Large size: 24cm

Our plastic commodities mainly include injection molding products, as well as children’s kettles, microwave oven boxes, preservation containers, kitchenware, cushions, hooks, trays and shelves. Our products can pass the test of Euro-America EU No.10 - 2011,LFGB and FDA Food Hygiene Systems. and Our factory get ISO9001 quality system and QS Standards, and our R&D Department can coordinate customers to customize with incoming sample, and design and develop samples.

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